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Autonom8 & Berar Finance partner for advanced loan automation
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Autonom8, a progressive technology firm specialising in hyperautomation via low-code solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Berar Finance Limited. The deal signifies a significant milestone for both companies, as Autonom8 is set to bolster Berar Finance's intelligent loan origination capabilities and customer journey automation through its low-code automation platform.

Renowned for their commitment to delivering financial services, Berar Finance has selected Autonom8 as its automation partner to enhance operational efficiency and provide a more streamlined user experience. Autonom8's low-code automation platform allows organisations to swiftly develop and deploy automation solutions, reducing the complexity and time associated with conventional development methods. This partnership will enable Berar to hyper-automate its loan origination process as well as other loan-related operations using Autonom8's pioneering hyperautomation platform.

The collaboration brings about enhanced customer experiences by implementing Autonom8's automation solutions for a more seamless, customer-focused experience for Berar Finance's clients. For instance, Berar's sales executives can offer instant status updates through integration with CIBIL for credit score checks.

The low-code automation platform provided by Autonom8 also offers the needed scalability and flexibility to adapt to Berar Finance's evolving business requirements. Such adaptability is underscored by improved data tracking capabilities that offer comprehensive analysis of loan applications(total, approved, declined), thus guiding informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Efficient loan origination is another key benefit of the partnership. With Autonom8's platform, Berar Finance is expected to expedite the loan origination process, guarantee accurate and quick decisions, and boost overall operational effectiveness.

"We are thrilled to join hands with Berar Finance Limited and facilitate their progression towards digital transformation in the financial sector," expressed Kameswaran Subbaraman, VP of Engineering at Autonom8. "Our low-code automation platform is formulated to empower organisations to achieve increased agility and efficiency. We eagerly anticipate aiding Berar Finance in enhancing its loan origination processes and overall operational excellence."

The forming partnership underlines Autonom8's ongoing dedication to providing innovative automation solutions to the financial industry, empowering organisations to succeed in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Autonom8 is a technology company specializing in hyperautomation solutions powered by low code. The integration of Gen AI technology into our platform marks a significant milestone in the world of hyperautomation, setting new standards for speed, cost efficiency, and agility.

Berar Finance Limited specialises in providing two-wheeler loans, Vehicle Refinance, Four-Wheeler Loans (Used Cars), Personal Loans, Demand Loans, and Loan Against Property (LAP) on flexible repayment terms with a focus on quick turnaround and customer convenience. Berar Finance is headquartered in Nagpur.