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New report uncovers India's evolving digital search trends
Wed, 3rd Jan 2024

Justdial, India’s top hyper-local search engine, has released a detailed report, named "How India Searched Report 2023," which presents detailed insights into the search habits of Indians. The report underlines diverse interests that shape the constantly evolving market scenario across both small and large cities in the country.

According to the report, the process of digitisation is gradually bridging the gap between India's big cities and smaller towns. In a surprising revelation, search activities in smaller towns were found to be twice than in big cities. Tier II and III cities contributed to almost 63% of the total searches, thereby indicating a consistent search behaviour in these towns when compared to 2022.

The top search categories across the nation were Hobby Classes, Schools, Restaurants & Hotels. Although Tier I cities accounted for 45% of the nation's searches for various hobby classes, schools experienced a surge in search activity during March, April, and May and comprised 40% of the annual searches. Categories such as Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Beauty Parlours, and PG Accommodation Services emerged as highly searched sectors, reflecting the country’s focus on education, dining, healthcare, beauty services, and accommodation.

Educational institutions, especially colleges, are recommended to strategise during peak search months (May to August) to maximise visibility and engagement. Seasonal considerations and examination seasons should be aligned with marketing efforts to attract student interest. In the travel and hospitality sectors, Tier II & III cities contributed to 66% of searches, suggesting opportunities for hotels and restaurants to extend their reach beyond traditional urban markets.

The report also delved into the recreation sector, revealing a balanced contribution from both Tier I and Tier II cities in searches for hobby classes. The types of hobby classes included swimming, dance, tailoring, cricket coaching, Zumba, and music classes, all of which demonstrate the diverse interests of people looking for recreational activities.

Another significant finding of the report was the surge in searches in the Wellness and Beauty sector, which witnessed a nearly 10% increase compared to 2022. This change reflects a growing awareness towards self-care in India, and businesses are encouraged to understand and cater to specific regional preferences capitalising on this rising demand.

The report also outlined key recommendations for businesses. It urged them to tailor their offerings to meet the unique demands of each tier and vertical, taking into consideration diverse market dynamics, growth opportunities, digital engagement, and seasonal adaptation for each particular segment. Justdial underscored the importance of adapting services, promotions, and pricing strategies according to temporal factors and local preferences.

While discussing the 2023 annual search report, Mr. Shwetank Dixit, Chief Growth Officer at Justdial, stated, "Every year, Justdial endeavours to provide an insightful glimpse into the ever-evolving search trends shaping India's service landscape. We remain committed to connecting individuals with their specific needs, be it education, housing, or personal preferences, reaffirming our role in shaping India's evolving search landscape."