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CAST unveils CO2 Emission Estimator in green software drive
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

CAST, an expert in software intelligence, has announced the launch of CO2 Emission Estimator (beta) in its Winter 2024 release of CAST Highlight, enabling organisations to estimate and potentially decrease CO2 emissions and energy consumption. The new feature addresses green deficiencies in custom software application portfolios, blending an eco-friendly approach with cost efficiency.

The CO2 Emission Estimator, which launched on February 3, uses a fusion of automatically generated insights about the software condition and user-configurable parameters. These parameters include the number of servers or virtual machines, their use, energy demand, and more. CAST Highlight also recommends the most efficient ways to address these green deficiencies within the software.

Greg Rivera, Vice President of CAST Highlight, emphasised the company's commitment to assisting organisations in enhancing their environmental impact through software intelligence. He highlighted the significance of the CO2 Emission Estimator within CAST Highlight, describing it as a tool that embodies their ongoing dedication. According to Rivera, this capability empowers organisations to leverage software intelligence for greener applications, enabling them to not only decrease their environmental footprint but also reduce operational costs.

Greg Rivera said, "The CO2 Emission Estimator in CAST Highlight represents our ongoing commitment to help organisations utilise software intelligence to improve the green impact of their applications. This capability further empowers organisations to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously reducing operational costs."

The launch of the CO2 Emission Estimator builds upon the ground-breaking Green Software Insights feature of CAST Highlight. This automatic analysis tool gives organisations a comprehensive understanding of opportunities for reducing software energy consumption.

Also included in the CAST Highlight Winter 2024 release is a new Cloud Migration Wave Advisor and an updated Code Reader. The Cloud Migration Wave Advisor provides automated suggestions for the sequence of applications to optimise for the cloud. The Code Reader enables streamlined application code analysis using a simplified user experience for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

By introducing these advanced features, CAST continues to demonstrate dedication not just to improving software intelligence but also to creating greener and more energy-efficient software solutions. As businesses worldwide strive to mitigate their environmental impact, tools like the CO2 Emission Estimator provide practical, cost-effective ways to contribute to this global effort, marking a significant stride in the intersection of technology and sustainability.

CAST specialises in providing software that comprehensively understands multi-technology software systems. It automatically extracts insights about various aspects, including interactions between system elements, transaction flows, data access paths, cloud migration requirements, open-source risks, green impact, and ISO 5055 compliance.

Trusted by thousands of digital leaders worldwide, CAST empowers them to make informed decisions, accelerate the maintenance and transformation of custom software, and maintain better control over associated risks. The introduction of tools like the CO2 Emission Estimator aligns with the growing global focus on sustainable practices in the technology sector.