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Fivetran assists Deliveroo for improved engineering efficiency & cost savings
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

Global data integration company, Fivetran, has revealed that it is assisting Deliveroo in automating the movement of data across the food delivery organisation, facilitating better engineering efficiency and considerable cost savings. The centralisation of data from myriad HR, finance, marketing, and productivity tools via Fivetran's automated data integration platform has expedited decision-making processes at Deliveroo and released the time of its engineering staff to concentrate on strategic business initiatives.

Deliveroo operates on three main fronts including retailers and restaurants, riders, and a consumer base of 7.4 million. The imperative to provide an exceptional digital experience to these three critical groups predicates the need to make decisions bolstered by reliable, up-to-date data. To this end, Deliveroo stores data in Snowflake and then analyses it in Looker, its principal business intelligence tool. This system was hindered, however, by internally built supply lines which reduced the value derived from data. Engineers also wrestled with a highly manual data-ingestion process.

Deliveroo chose Fivetran for its robust and reliable solution which boasts an array of connectors that can meet both present and future requirements. The user-friendly nature of Fivetran's platform has also saved Deliveroo’s engineering team an estimated 100 hours each week, liberating them to focus on important tasks such as optimising platform uptime and availability.

Fivetran has accelerated decision-making processes within Deliveroo's key functions by ensuring a swift and dependable flow of data into Snowflake and onwards into a diverse array of applications used by employees. Fivetran now manages the flow of data from AppsFlyer, a tool that tracks the impact of advertising campaigns and other key initiatives. This allows Deliveroo to gain prompt and accurate insights into its marketing performance. Fivetran is also integrating data from HR systems and productivity tools to enhance processes for staff and manage crucial software development efficiently.

Echoing the company's satisfaction with Fivetran, James Flaxman, Engineering Manager, Analytics Platforms at Deliveroo, said, "One thing we appreciate about Fivetran is that engineers who aren’t necessarily specialists have been able to onboard the solution, create connectors, and get data flowing incredibly quickly. It lowers the barrier to entry for business intelligence and allows us to do a wider range of things in a slicker and more automated way." He added that without Fivetran, the team would need to invest around "100 extra hours per week" to perform its current activities.

Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran, said, "Deliveroo is a true digital pioneer, so it is an incredible endorsement of Fivetran to be selected to automate the flow of data within its organisation.” Bergan went on to describe Deliveroo as a company always seeking innovation, placing "data – and data analytics – at the heart of its operations." According to her, Fivetran is "thrilled to be playing a part in Deliveroo’s journey to become a truly data-driven enterprise.”