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Oracle introduces AI capabilities to Fusion Data Intelligence
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

Oracle has announced the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, intending to assist Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers in improving decision-making processes by amalgamating data-driven insights and intelligent actions. The firm states that these capabilities promise to help organisations make better, data-informed decisions and subsequently improve business outcomes.

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence is a next-generation solution that combines data, analytics, and AI, powered by services within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI); these include the Oracle Autonomous Database, OCI Data Lake, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

T.K. Anand, Executive VP of Analytics at Oracle, expressed that the process of collecting, analysing, and contextualising data can often lead to time-consuming errors. "With Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, our customers can optimise this process by taking advantage of a comprehensive analytics offering that brings together data, ready-to-use analytics, and prebuilt AI models in the right business context. The new AI capabilities we are adding can help customers further improve decision making and rapidly turn insights into action," remarked Anand.

The fresh AI capabilities are designed to expand existing services with analytics that surpass daily transactional reporting. Integration of advanced machine learning provides insights and predicts outcomes on specific questions for finance, supply chain, HR, and customer service. Oracle almost assures up-to-date data due to Oracle-managed data pipelines and prebuilt analytical models, ensuring robust predictive model training and accurate predictions.

Oracle's AI-powered analytics integrated directly into Fusion Applications include new ERP Analytics to aid finance teams and SCM Analytics to assist supply chain leaders – both offering a vast range of advantages from better risk prediction to optimising warehouse efficiency. Furthermore, HCM Analytics is intended to help HR teams make improvements in recruitment, talent retention, and growth. Finally, CX Analytics aims to help sales teams engage customers with relevant offers efficiently to drive revenue and minimise customer churn.

Moreover, Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence now features integration with prebuilt analytics for Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, a component of Oracle Cloud ERP. This integration allows clients to amalgamate and analyse financial data from multiple accounting systems. Consequently, users can discover correlations and irregularities across journal balances and sub-ledger transaction details spanning accounting data from Oracle Cloud ERP and other systems.

Fusion Data Intelligence is an evolution of the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse product, delivering business data-as-a-service with automated data pipelines, 360-degree data models for key business entities, rich interactive analytics, AI/ML models and intelligent applications.