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Oracle introduces generative AI to Fusion Cloud Applications Suite
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

Oracle has announced the introduction of new generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite to enhance decision-making and improve the customer and employee experience. These advanced AI capabilities have been embedded into existing business operations across finance, HR, supply chain, sales, marketing, and service. Additionally, Oracle has expanded its Oracle Guided Journeys extensibility framework.

The new generative AI features aim to help organisations be more competitive, increase productivity, and reduce business costs. The expansion of the Oracle Guided Journeys extensibility framework will allow customers and partners to add more generative AI capabilities, supporting their specific industry and competitive requirements.

Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development at Oracle, stated, "We have been using AI in our applications for several years and now we are introducing more ways for customers to take advantage of generative AI across the suite. With additional embedded capabilities and an expanded extensibility framework, our customers can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest generative AI advancements to help increase productivity, reduce costs, expand insights, and improve the employee and customer experience."

Built upon Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and utilising its leading AI services, Oracle supports over 50 generative AI use cases embedded within Oracle Fusion Applications whilst safeguarding data, privacy, and security. There is no sharing of customer data with large language model (LLM) providers and only the individual customer can use custom models trained on its data. Role-based security is also implemented directly into Oracle Fusion Applications workflows to ensure content recommendation access is given only to entitled users.

The new generative AI capabilities are spread across various aspects of Oracle Fusion Cloud. In Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the features help identify anomalies, variances, and biases, improve productivity, develop accurate reports, and allow for a clearer understanding of predictive models. Under the Supply Chain & Manufacturing division, aids in generating standardised product descriptions, identifying suppliers, and accelerating negotiations are provided. Oracle Fusion Cloud's Human Capital Management includes job match explanations, quicker generation of surveys, and building landing pages for different job categories. And within Customer Experience, the enhancements help in generating webchat summaries, producing relevant supporting sales content, and providing marketing collateral recommendations.

Oracle Guided Journeys now offers an extensibility framework that allows customers and partners to add their own generative AI. These decisions lend organisations the ability to choose their preferred LLM provider to support their unique needs while accelerating innovation and responding to market changes more quickly.

The generative AI capabilities of Oracle Fusion Applications are powered by OCI, which houses both custom and pre-built models. By utilising OCI Supercluster, encompassing bare metal compute instances, ultra-low latency RDMA networking, and high-performance storage, OCI empowers speedy LLM training with the best performance at the lowest cost. This positions Oracle to deliver the fastest AI innovation in the industry and attract the most enterprise-focused innovators to build on OCI, thus fuelling the innovation feedback cycle.