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Exclusive: Why Syniti believes data has infinite potential
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

In the digital era where data's omnipresence is reshaping industries, Syniti stands in the data management sector, guiding enterprises towards realizing the immense potential of their data assets. Kevin Campbell, CEO of Syniti, sheds light on the company’s core ethos, strategic offerings, and the critical role of data in digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) utilization.

Campbell begins by unpacking the essence of Syniti’s name, a blend that signifies the company’s foundational belief in the limitless possibilities that arise from the synergy between data and business. “Syniti is synergy and infinity together...the synergy between data and business gives you infinite potential,” he elucidates, offering a glimpse into the company's mission to marry data precision with business objectives for transformative outcomes.

Highlighting the company’s focused approach, Campbell discusses Syniti’s dedication to data quality, data migration, and data governance as pillars supporting the world's largest companies through their most challenging data dilemmas. “We're a pure play data company...doing the hardest data work for the world's largest companies,” Campbell states, emphasizing Syniti’s unwavering commitment to data integrity and management excellence.

On digital transformation and AI, Campbell emphasizes the underestimated yet critical role of data quality. “Data might only be 15% of the effort of a large digital transformation, but it's usually 100% of why you don't go live,” he points out, highlighting the undeniable importance of data quality in realizing digital ambitions and the seamless execution of transformation initiatives.

Venturing into the realm of generative AI, Campbell underlines the indispensable nature of data quality with insightful clarity and humour: “Without good data...artificial intelligence becomes artificial stupidity.” This remark succinctly captures the potential pitfalls of neglecting data quality in the quest to leverage AI technologies.

The partnership with SAP underscores Syniti’s prominence and expertise in the data management space. Campbell proudly reflects on this collaboration, noting, “We're one of a very small number of companies that are actually co-selling with SAP,” which underscores the level of trust and strategic alignment between Syniti and one of the tech world’s giants.

Looking forward, Campbell expresses optimism about Syniti’s future and the evolving landscape of data management. “The best is yet to come,” he asserts, embodying the confidence and visionary outlook that have become hallmarks of Syniti’s approach to navigating the complex world of data management.

Campbell’s insights illuminate Syniti’s pivotal role as a guide for enterprises navigating the complexities of data management in an increasingly digital world. As businesses strive to harness the transformative power of their data, Syniti’s commitment to excellence in data integrity, its strategic insights, and visionary leadership are more crucial than ever.